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Firebase Firestore can be used to enable server-side rendering (SSR) in applications built with Next.js, Sapper.js, and Nuxt.js. Authentication can be handled with Firebase Auth, and the Firebase SDK and Firebase Admin SDK can be configured to listen for token changes and authorize the user in getServerSideProps. 1 2 3 Additionally, Cloud Functions for Firebase can be used to serve dynamic content and host microservices. 4

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Summary This blog post provides a workaround for a bug in React Firebase's library, which is causing issues when rendering components using Firestore on the server. The issue is caused by the Firestore instance being created using the ESM version of the SDK, yet executing the query using the CommonJS version. The solution involves using a function cast to check that the instance is the same as the instance from the same library, and disabling one of Next.js 12's experimental features.
Using Firestore's SDK in Next.js's SSR

Summary The Framework allows for SSR capabilities, but can also generate a static site with npm run export . Firebase is Google's platform for "Building apps fast, without managing infrastructure". Basically, in a few commands you can have your static site hosted, hooked up to a database and have authentication readily available.
How to host a Sapper.js SSR app on Firebase. - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Summary This post explains how to use Next.js and Firebase Auth to authenticate server-side rendering with Next.js and Firebase. It explains how to configure Firebase JS and Firebase Admin SDK, create a Context and provider, listen for token changes, authorize the user in getServerSideProps, redirect unauthenticated users to a login page from within getServerSideProps. Finally, it provides a sample repo for a React-centric approach to building apps with Next.js.
Authenticated server-side rendering with Next.js and Firebase

Summary This article provides instructions on how to integrate Firebase Firestore into a Nuxt.js project, keeping the server-side rendering capabilities of the Universal SSR mode. It explains how to install the Firebase SDK, initiate the Firebase SDK, write to Firestore, read from Firestore, and set up a secure connection between the project and Firestore. Finally, it provides a link to a small Nuxt module that makes integrating Firebase into a Nuxt 2.0 project even easier.
Nuxt.js (v2), Firestore & SSR 🔥. This article will help you integrate… | by Pascal Luther | Medium

Summary Cloud Functions for Firebase lets you automatically run backend code in response to HTTPS requests. Your code is stored in Google's cloud and runs in a managed environment. There's no need to manage and scale your own servers.
Serve dynamic content and host microservices with Cloud Functions | Firebase Hosting

Greetings, I recently spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out how to get Firebase Firestore to play nicely with SSR. Most examples you see on how to…
Solution to: Firebase Firestore and SSR firebase.firestore is not a function · Next.js

Automatic Backups for Firestore via Github Actions #firebase #firestore #github
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Custom Firestore SSR Hook When Firestore is loading show props, otherwise show the latest realtime value.
Hydrate Next.js Props to Realtime Firestore Data

I'm having the same problem with rxfire you use rxfire from the client in order to talk to backendservices such as firestore (which are by default providing ...
any idea to combine rxfire with Sapper? · Issue #761 · sveltejs/sapper · GitHub