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Firebase Hosting provides a secure and reliable way to host static assets and dynamic content, as well as microservices, and is backed by a global content delivery network (CDN). 1 The firebase.json file is automatically created when the firebase init command is run, and can be used to configure hosting behavior. 2 The svelte-adapter-firebase adapter reads the firebase.json file to determine output dirs for server scripts and static assets. 3 It also allows for local testing of production builds before pushing to git or deploying. 3

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Using firebase . json : hosting [].site is preferred to firebase . json : hosting [].target as Firebase Deploy Targets only supports Hosting , Storage & Databases and not Functions. This means you can use Deploy targets target field to identify…
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In this article I tell how to configure a simple feature in Firebase Hosting, by adding a small bit of configuration in the firebase.json file.
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(Press <space> to select , <a> to toggle all, <i> to i nvert selection)Authentication Emulator, Functions Emulator, Firestore Emulator, Database Emulator, Hosting Emulator, Pub/Sub Emulator i Port for auth already configured:…
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Select the Hosting feature and press space and then enter. After that, select the Firebase project, i.e., Firebase -demo, in my case. Give name, which we want to use as our…
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