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You can open multiple tabs in Windows 11's File Explorer by clicking the small “+” button next to the tab. 1 There doesn't seem to be any limit to the number of tabs you can open. 1 This allows you to create separate windows in File Explorer.

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Summary To open a new tab, simply navigate to the top of the File Explorer window and click the small “+” button next to the tab. Voila! A new tab opens. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the number of tabs, so you can open as many as you wish.
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Press Windows key + E twice to open two file explorer . 2. Hover your cursor to the topmost part of the open window on your screen. 3. Hold down the…
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can open File Explorer by clicking its taskbar shortcut. By default, the Explorer window ... perhaps to copy or move files from one window to another or ...
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When working with multiple folders, opening them in multiple windows helps. Here's how to open multiple file explorer instances in Windows.
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You can change from automatic to right clicking of opening folders in a different Window
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Opening a new File Explorer Window in W11. In W10, I can open a new File Explorer window by hitting File -> Open New Window. In W11 there appear to…
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