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Linear free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) is booming, with four new services having been, or will be, introduced since 2019. 1 ViacomCBS and Comcast have bought Pluto TV and Xumo, respectively 1 , while Comcast is also launching Peacock, which features a FAST element. 1

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Summary Linear free ad-supported streaming TV ( FAST ) is booming. Four new services have been, or will be, introduced since 2019. Big media giants ViacomCBS and Comcast have bought Pluto TV and Xumo , respectively, and Comcast is also launching Peacock which features a FAST element.
FAST Streaming Services Surge in 2020: Pluto TV, Xumo, Roku & More - Variety

This potential for innovation and accessibility truly sets FAST platforms apart from both ... Free Ad Supported TV (FAST) services—which include Pluto TV, ...
The Evolution of Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST)

FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming): Look deeper into why linear OTT is already the next ... a linear channel that appears on a free, ad-supported streaming TV ...
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The free ad-supported television market is booming, with new research suggesting it's ... But the world of free ad-supported streaming TV - or FAST - is ...
Fast growth for a FAST market: Free ad-supported TV keeps booming (NASDAQ:ROKU) | Seeking Alpha

Free ad-supported streaming television, commonly abbreviated FAST, is a category of streaming television services which are available to consumers without a paid subscription, are funded solely by advertising, and stream traditional television programming and studio-produced movies, as distinguished from platforms that largely offer user-generated content such as YouTube and Twitch and from subscription-based ad-supported services like Hulu and Netflix.
Free ad-supported streaming television - Wikipedia

For content distributors looking to connect with more consumers, launching a FAST channel ... can connect with consumers by launching free ad-supported TV ...
Guide to Launching a FAST Channel

FAST platforms and channel operators are investing in higher quality programming, ... The free, ad-supported streaming TV market has matured through the ...
The free, ad-supported streaming TV market has come of age

have acquired their own ad-supported platforms, niche independent services are finding firm strategic footing in free ad-supported TV, or FAST.
Free ad-supported TV streaming exploding as industry matures | S&P Global Market Intelligence

Today, Comcast Advertising released a new report entitled “Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV: Why More Advertisers (and Consumers) Are Going F.A.S.T.” Th
Comcast Advertising Reveals How Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (F.A.S.T.) is Changing the TV Advertising Landscape | Business Wire

2021 free ad-supported TV growth will continue strong. However, it will become ... Branded free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services have led the growth ...
2021 free ad-supported TV growth robust, but more fragmentednScreenMedia

FAST TV channels: definition, how to create your TV channel on the Internet, and why you ... Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST): everything you need to ...
All you need to know about FAST (free ad-supported streaming tv)