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To reach Facebook customer service, you can submit a form on the website, contact the Facebook Help Center, or start a discussion on a relevant official Facebook page post. 1 You can also call (1-800-555-1212), email (support@facebook.com), or chat online. 2 Additionally, you can contact them through their various social media accounts. 3

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Summary The Facebook help center is quite comprehensive with thousands of responses for thousands of customer questions. You can either search the help center for your question or read through the various sections. The Facebook help center is categorized into 4 main sections: - Using Facebook. Addresses issues regarding Facebook use such as creating an account, how to use the home page, messaging, stories, pages, groups, events, marketplaces, how to create a charity fundraiser of Facebook, how to use Facebook Pay, and more. - Managing accounts. Here you find answers to questions regarding login, password, ad preference, notifications, names on Facebook, your profile, profile setting, accessing and downloading information, how to deactivate or delete your account, etc. - Privacy and safety. In this section, Facebook provides you with information regarding the secure use of the platform. They also provide step by step procedures for unfriending or blocking someone. - Policies and reporting. Facebook provides detailed information on their policies regarding abuse, privacy, and intellectual properties among others. They also provide guidelines on how to report abuse, identity theft, and any other policy violation. At the end of every response on the help center, Facebook does a quick survey to find out whether the response provided was helpful. You either click on
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Summary • Facebook doesn't offer phone support, but you can contact them through their various social media accounts. • You have 30 days to submit a request after your account is disabled, and you'll need to provide your ID and a picture of it to do so. • This form is for people whose accounts have been disabled for violating the platform's community standards.
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Summary • Facebook has a phone number for users to reach customer service, but it is only available online. • The number is prominently displayed on Google as the top search result for "Facebook customer service." • The number is a scam, and will lead callers to a person asking for codes on iTunes gift cards.
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Summary To get Facebook support, you can submit a form on the website, contact the Facebook Help Center, or start a discussion on a relevant official Facebook page post.
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Summary • To reach Facebook customer service, you can call (1-800-555-1212), email (support@facebook.com), or chat online. • You can find information on Facebook's Help Center webpage about the different ways you can contact Facebook. • You can also find helpful tips on the Facebook page "Make Your Facebook Page Famous." • You can use a Crux Single Cup Coffee Maker to tell if glasses block blue light. • You can use a dress form to improve your formal wear experience. • You can tell your friends you're pregnant. • You can forgive yourself after hurting someone. • You can clean inside shoes to remove odor. • You can wash your face with eyelash extensions. • You can perform the Maghrib (Sunset) prayer. • What does <3 mean on social media? • Do a hot oil treatment on natural hair. • Hang a skateboard on a wall. • Fold a shirt for travel. • Turn off silent mode on iPhone. • Clear a drain with baking soda. • Create airflow in a room. • Deal
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“ Facebook customer service ” is typed into search engines, on average, about 27,000 times in a single month just in the U.S., according to Google. It is unknown as to how…
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For most users, getting support from Facebook or contacting Facebook help is as simple as logging in to the Facebook app or desktop site and clicking your profile photo and…
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Facebook Help Center is an extensive and regularly updated resource on the use of the platform, managing Facebook accounts, general rules of using Facebook , as well as privacy and security.…
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You can contact Facebook Customer Service by calling at +1 (650) 308-7300 Where is Facebook located? The Facebook head office is located at 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, California, United…
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Customer Service on Messenger. Build lasting customer relationships through conversation on the channel your customers prefer [1]. No more waiting on hold or repeating support issues to multiple agents —…
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Here is how to find the support you need using Facebook's Help Center. If the Help Center doesn’t have the answer to your questions, there are a couple of ways…
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appeals@ facebook .com – For appeals if your content has been blocked or accounts suspended. support@ facebook .com – This is casting a wide net. You’d better be very specific about your issue when…
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You have many options to contact Facebook , such as ticket support, help documents, and help groups. A Customer Support Department is fully equipped and fast enough to answer any question…
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