error checking context syntax error in pattern


It is possible to encounter a syntax error in the pattern when checking the context of a Docker build. This can be caused by a missing dependency in the build log, or by incorrect syntax in the .dockerignore or .travis.yml files. 1 2 Additionally, permission denied errors can occur when trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket. 2

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Can't build an images, see the error code below. What is the workaround? $ docker ... $ docker build -t jboss/wildfly-admin . Error checking context: ...
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getting the following error (where $USER is the actual username): Error checking context: ... This issue can be solved entirely by simply installing docker in ...
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Summary The user is having trouble running the docker command in Debian, and is having different results from other Jenkins jobs. After doing a full restart of docker, the user is able to successfully send the build context to the Docker daemon. However, there is an issue with the build-env command, which is not relevant to the original question.
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Summary Travis CI is a Continuous Integration service used to build and test software, and if a build fails, it is possible to cause a dependency to be missing. To troubleshoot this issue, it is important to check the list of dependencies in the build log, usually output including the.dockerignore file in the root directory of the context, and to use the syntax in the.travis.yml file. Additionally, it is possible to run across build issues during active development, such as permission denied while trying to connect to the Docker daemon socket at unix:///var/run/docker.sock.
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Describe the results you received: First scenario: error checking context: 'syntax error in pattern'. Second scenario: [...] ---> Running in a9dfccb86d27 ...
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An introduction to Go errors. ... example, the json package specifies a SyntaxError type that the json.Decode function returns when it encounters a syntax ...
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a block with methods defined by a context manager (see section With Statement Context Managers ). This allows common try … except … finally usage patterns ...
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When a flexible record pattern (one containing ... ) is used, the context must provide enough type information to determine what all the fields are (though not ...
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