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According to the 20th Dynasty manuscript 1 , Horus was the Egyptian god of war and hunt. Rituals of offering food, drink, clothing and ointment to divine beings were documented in hieroglyphic inscriptions, papyrus manuscripts and other sources. 2 Additionally, researchers discovered hidden ancient texts in Christian manuscripts from Egypt's library of the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai. 3

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Summary In ancient Egypt, every day in every temple, specially designated persons performed a ritual focused on making offerings of food, drink, clothing and ointment to a divine being made accessible in the form of images. This ritual was used to maintain the fabric and process of the universe, and was largely accompanied by the ritual of opening the mouth of an inanimate item. The ritual was documented in various surviving sources, such as hieroglyphic inscriptions, papyrus manuscripts, and other sources, and was a way of expressing gratitude to the divine beings.
Daily Cult - University College London

Summary The library of the Sacred Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai was in the process of modernizing, making its vast collection old Christian texts available online, when researchers discovered there was more to some parchments than met the eye.
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The manuscript is adorned with high-quality colorful drawings of divine and supernatural beings, illustrated around 1,000 years before similar drawings appeared in the world renowned Book of the Dead, an…
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EGYPT was at the centre of an extraordinary find when a 'treasure trove' of important Christian manuscripts was found, including one that was reportedly 'never included in the Bible'.
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The pylon records the glory of Horus, based on the transfer of Horus from Osiris and Re .” 1 One of the most interesting epochs mentioned in Egyptian mythology is…
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