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Eating too much high fructose corn syrup can lead to insulin resistance, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. 1 It is quickly absorbed into the body and is cheaper and sweeter than regular sugar. 1 Therefore, it is important to be aware of the hidden dangers of high fructose corn syrup and to limit its consumption.

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High fructose corn syrup has crept into more of our foods over the last few decades. Compared with regular sugar, it’s cheaper and sweeter, and is more quickly absorbed into…
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The proportion of fructose to glucose in both HFCS 42 and HFCS 55 is similar to that of sucrose. The primary differences between sucrose and the common forms of HFCS…
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High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is an industrial sugar used to sweeten many processed foods and beverages. It is made from corn starch and is relatively inexpensive to manufacture. Most…
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Myth 1: HFCS is high in fructose . The name high - fructose corn syrup was given to acknowledge its fructose content and to differentiate it from regular corn syrup , which contains only…
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The next time you go grocery shopping, read the nutrition labels on the items in your cart to see which ones have the most added sugars. You may be surprised…
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