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Homeopathic medicines such as Arsenic Album, Antimonium Tart, Ipecac, Ammonium Carb, Stannum Met, Lachesis and Grindelia can be used to treat dyspnea. 1 Improving air quality and flow, using a humidifier, practicing helpful breathing techniques and reducing stress can also help. 2 3 Doctor Bhargava's Asomin Drop and Chesin Minims are recommended homeopathic medicines for difficulty in breathing. 4

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Summary Arsenic Album– For Dyspnea in Asthma. Arsenic Album is a top grade medicine for dyspnea for a patient with asthma. Arsenic Album works well when there is difficulty in breathing along with wheezing and constricted air passages. Antimonium Tart and Ipecac – For Dyspnea Accompanied by Cough. Antimonium Tart and Ipecac are the best medicines for dyspnea accompanied by a cough. The top indicators for using Antimonium Tart are shortness of breath with a cough and rattling of mucus in the chest. Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met – For Dyspnea While Walking. Ammonium Carb and Stannum Met are beneficial medicines for dyspnea experienced while walking. Lachesis and Grindelia – For Dyspnea During Sleep. Lachesis and Grindelia need consideration in cases of dyspnea that occurs during sleep. Lachesis is useful when a person has difficulty in breathing while sleeping.
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Summary What is shortness of breath?: Home treatments: Other treatments: When to see a doctor: Summary:
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Dyspnea is a subjective experience, which means it can be perceived and described differently by each person who experiences it. Dyspnea on exertion (DOE), such as the shortness of breath…
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Dyspnea -Symptoms, Causes & Best 10 Homeopathic Treatment. By Editor. No Comments. Dyspnea is a sensation, a symptom, a complaint that the patient experience, the patient not able to breathe…
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Summary The best homeopathic medicine for Difficulty in Breathing is Doctor Bhargava’s Asomin Drop , Chesin Minims. This medicine is a homeopathic remedy for Difficulty in Breathing that helps people suffering from the problem of shortness of breath or breathing difficulty.
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ANTIM TART : Useful medicines for dyspnea accompanied by cough.Useful for shortness of breath with a cough with rattling of mucus in the chest.There is a feeling of suffocation along…
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Homeopathic medicine for increasing oxygen: If you are facing breathlessness due to fall in Oxygen saturation levels from the normal levels (80 and 100 mm Hg) during sleep or in…
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General. Is a vasomotor stimulant; increases the activity of all vegetative processes; spends its force mainly upon the pneumogastric. nerve, producing a depressed relaxed condition with oppression of the chest…
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The homeopath would choose the right homeopathic medicine depending on the presenting symptoms. Some of the commonly used homeopathic medicines are listed below: Homeopathic Medicine for Chronic Respiratory Problems. Bryonia:…
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6. Carbo Veg – For Dyspnea , Cough and Profuse Expectoration. Carbo Veg is prominent medicine for emphysema with dyspnea , cough and profuse expectoration. Cough appears in violent spells. Lumps of…
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Dyspnea , which some refer to as shortness of breath, is a feeling that you cannot breathe enough air into your lungs. During this, you may also experience tightness in your…
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