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It is possible to create aliases to commands in DOS using regedit, doskey, and a set command. 1 For example, a set command can be used to change drives or the drive letter. 1 Additionally, a command line can be used to change the drive letter. 1 Aliases are mainly used for abbreviating a system command or for adding default arguments to a regularly used command. 2

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Summary This discussion thread provides a variety of ways to create aliases to commands in DOS, including using regedit, doskey, and a set command. It also provides tips on how to use these methods to create aliases in DOS, such as using a set command to change drives or using a command line to change the drive letter. Finally, it provides information on how to use a set command to change the drive letter.
what is the DOS equivalent of alias command?

Summary In computing , alias is a command in various command-line interpreters ( shells ), which enables a replacement of a word by another string. It is mainly used for abbreviating a system command, or for adding default arguments to a regularly used command
alias (command)

Describes console aliases and how they are used to map source strings to target strings. ... When you type "test" at the command line, the console subsystem ...
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On Windows, aliases can be set for the Command Prompt similar to how one would set shell aliases on Linux or macOS, however, the process...
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addition that I did to improve mine was to create aliases for the most common commands ... In Windows, you can create aliases using the DOS command: doskey, ...
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Linux commands for DOS and MS/Windows CMD shell users. Linux Information Portal includes ... The following are bash shell aliases which can be added to the ...
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Many time we need to use the same commands all-time in terminal like —. “Create command-line alias in windows” is published by Shivam Gupta.
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Here, I have created an alias find and mapped it to the DOS command I want to execute i.e. findstr /sin in this case. The parameter abc to the alias is ...
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Wmic command and WMI console information including its availability, syntax and examples. ... For more information on a specific alias, type: alias /? at the ...
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Using PowerShell aliases can help you do several tasks easier and quicker. But there are ... Many of the old DOS commands have been implemented in PowerShell ...
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on your OS and what you’re trying to accomplish, and it can hold a lot of things that can make your life easier: shorter aliases for common commands, your ...
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In computing, pushd and popd are commands used to work with the command line directory stack. They are available on command-line interpreters such as 4DOS, Bash, C shell, tcsh, Hamilton C shell, KornShell, cmd.exe, and PowerShell for operating systems such as DOS, Microsoft Windows, ReactOS, and Unix-like systems.
pushd and popd