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Single sign-on (SSO) offers a secure way for users to access Calendly with their corporate credentials 1 , eliminating weak password use and reducing the need to remember passwords. 1 This provides more control over authentication. 1

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Calendly is a cloud application that provides meeting scheduling as a service. Our platform creates a seamless experience to schedule meetings through securely integrating with calendar providers to check availability.…
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Calendly’s dedicated team constantly enhances our security techniques and addresses identity impersonation, fraud, and other suspicious activity. Read our security white paper “The security aspect of Calendly for enterprise was…
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Calendly is a very popular free calendar app with Zoom integration, used for scheduling meetings and appointments, and is commonly used by organizations to send out invitations for upcoming...
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Integrate Calendly , boost productivity Smart scheduling automation will change the way you – and your tools – work. Frequently Asked Questions Not seeing what you are looking for? Go to…
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The Calendly API v2 is REST-based and has predictable resource-oriented URLs. It uses JSON for request and response bodies and standard HTTP methods, authentication , and response codes. Embed API: Our…
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On the Register your public application form, the OAuth redirect URL field is the callback URL of your Cyclr service domain . For example, https://{Your Cyclr service domain e.g.}/connector/callback. Get…
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For more information on why you may want to setup authentication for your domain, check out our guide here. This tool should not be used to check DNS/SPF/DKIM records you…
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Calendly + Thinkific with Custom Domain Integrations. Try it Now. When Enrollment Completed in Thinkific with Custom Domain , Get User by ID in Calendly . Thinkific with Custom Domain + Calendly …
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Twilio SendGrid supports Domain Connect, which can simplify the Domain Authentication process.If we have partnered with your DNS provider to support Domain Connect, you will have the option to authenticate…
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{tenant-id} is your organization's tenant ID or any verified domain name. As always, carefully review the permissions an application requests before granting consent. Next steps Configure how end-users consent to…
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From the app's Home tab, click the Settings button. Find your domain , then click the URL in the Verify domain ownership section. When prompted, sign in to your Google Workspace…
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