does wireshark work for wireless packet sniffing


Wireshark can be used to capture wireless packets, provided the Wi-Fi card supports monitor mode. 1 2 Capturing on the network interface will allow the user to capture regular network data, while capturing in monitor mode will allow the user to capture 802.11 management or control packets. 1 Additionally, the article provides details on packet types, translation/filtering, and how to disable the translation/filtering. 1

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Summary This article explains capturing on 802.11 wireless networks, which can be done by capturing on the network interface through which the packets will be transmitted and received. If the user is only interested in regular network data, rather than 802.11 management or control packets, they will be able to capture on the network interface, while if the user is interested in 802.11 management or control packets, they will need to capture in monitor mode. The article also provides some 802.11 network details, such as the packet types, translation/filtering, and how to disable the translation/filtering.

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Some command line tools are shipped together with Wireshark. These tools are useful to work with capture files.

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