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Directus offers both a REST and GraphQL API for authentication, which uses predictable resource-oriented URLs, standard HTTP status codes, and JSON for input and output. 1 Authentication is handled via API tokens, which are generated when a user logs in. 1 The API also supports authentication via OAuth2. 1

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There are two types of tokens that can be used to authenticate within Directus. Temporary Token (JWT) are returned by the login endpoint/mutation. These tokens have a relatively short expiration…
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GraphQL is a very powerful API for retrieving your data from Directus. In this article, I'll show you how you can query, create, update and delete records. To use GraphQL …
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Directus is an open-source data platform that instantly gives any new or existing SQL ... REST+GraphQL API in minutes, with built-in authentication options, ...
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REST and GraphQL API documentation on the Users collection in Directus. ... string Primary key of the user in the third party authentication provider, if used.
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Directus is an open-source Headless CMS with the flexibility and power of a Data API. ... After creating the Directus application, you can access the GraphQL ...
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directus / api /src/services/ authentication .ts. Go to file. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. 442 lines (386 sloc) 11.2 KB. Raw Blame. import { Accountability, Action, SchemaOverview } from '@ directus /shared/types'; import jwt from 'jsonwebtoken';…
directus/authentication.ts at main · directus/directus · GitHub

Directus ships with powerful RESTful and GraphQL APIs that beautifully wrap the raw power of Azure SQL, to let you interact with the data for your apps, websites, kiosks or…
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Authentication . Unless your GraphQL API is completely public, your server will need to authenticate its users. Your options are twofold: Let the web server (e.g. express or nginx) take care…
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Directus. API . Cms And Web Experience Management Backend As A Service. Directus is an open-source tool for managing content across all your omni-channel digital experiences. Our suite includes an intuitive…
Directus API - Developer docs, APIs, SDKs, and auth.