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Different roles can be identified in various fields such as accounting, finance, administrative, IT and development. For example, in accounting, roles such as cost analyst, payroll accountant, tax preparer and mortgage loan officer can be identified. 1 In finance, roles such as claims adjuster, controller, actuary and head of finance can be identified. 1 In administrative, roles such as operations supervisor, senior vice president, management trainee and shift supervisor can be identified. 1 In IT and development, roles such as director of engineering, full stack developer, scrum master and IT operations manager can be identified. 1 The permissions for a specific role can be viewed by using the Get-AzRoleDefinition command. 2 Additionally, admins can be assigned to roles in the Microsoft 365 admin center. 3

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Summary To list the details of a specific role, use Get-AzRoleDefinition . To list a role in JSON format, use Get-AzRoleDefinition . To list the permissions for a specific role, use Get-AzRoleDefinition .
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Summary In the Microsoft 365 admin center, you can go to Role assignments , and then select any role to open its detail pane. Select the Permissions tab to view the detailed list of what admins assigned that role have permissions to do. Select the Assigned or Assigned admins tab to add users to roles
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