Dermatographia is a skin condition that causes raised marks when the skin is scratched, rubbed or pressed. 1 2 It usually goes away within 30 minutes without treatment. 1 It is also known as dermatographism or skin writing. 1 3 People with a history of allergies or dermatitis may be more likely to experience this condition. 3

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Summary Dermatographia is a skin condition that causes raised marks. Scratching, rubbing and pressure cause the reaction. It usually goes away within 30 minutes without treatment. Other names for dermatographia include dermatographism and skin writing.
Dermatographia (Dermatographism): What It Is, Causes & Treatment

Dermatographism, also known as Dermographism urticaria, or urticaria factitia, is an urticarial eruption upon pressure or trauma to the skin. Urticarial skin reactions present as erythematous wheals in the dermis…
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Dermatographism, also known as dermagraphism, simply translates "writing on the skin”. It is a very common localized hive reaction, affecting approximately 2-5% of the general population. This condition is characterized…
Dermatographism - American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD)

Summary Dermographism is an exaggerated weal and flare response that occurs within minutes of the skin being stroked or scratched. Dermographism is the most common form of physical or chronic inducible urticaria . It is also called dermatographia and dermographic urticaria
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Summary Dermatographia refers to a condition in which seemingly minor scratches turn into temporary but significant reactions. It may be more common if you have a history of allergies or dermatitis. This condition is also called dermographism or dermatographic urticaria. It is also sometimes called “skin writing.
Dermatographia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More - Healthline

Dermatographia is a condition in which lightly scratching your skin causes raised, inflamed lines or welts. These marks tend to go away in less than 30 minutes. The condition is…
Dermatographia (Dermatographism) - Symptoms and causes

Dermatographic urticaria is a skin disorder and one of the most common types of urticaria, affecting 2–5% of the population. [1] [2] Signs and symptoms [ edit] The condition manifests…
Dermatographic urticaria - Wikipedia

Dermatographism is among the most common forms of urticaria, affecting between 2% and 5% of the world's population. 1 As common as the condition is, gaps remain in researchers' understanding…
Dermatographism: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Dermatographism is a kind of allergic reaction. When someone with this condition applies pressure to their skin, their mast cells release a chemical called “histamine” along with other inflammatory substances.…
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Dermographism: defined as readily elicited wheals evolving rapidly after moderate pressure. Simple contact with furniture, garters, bracelets, watch bands, towels, or bedding can cause urticaria. Incidence of dermographism is 1.5%…
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