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Mac users can remove apps by following the onscreen instructions in Launchpad or the App Store 1 , or by dragging the icon to the trash can on the dock. 2 3 4 Right-clicking the icon and selecting “Move to Trash” is also an option. 5 If the app has its own uninstaller application, users can run the uninstaller program to remove the app. 3

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Summary Mac users can download and install apps from the internet or a disc, and if they no longer want an app, they can remove it by following the onscreen instructions. To install apps, users can double-click the disk image or package file in the Downloads folder, or insert the disc into the optical drive on their Mac or connected to their Mac. To uninstall apps, users can use Launchpad or the App Store.
Install and uninstall apps from the internet or a disc on Mac - Apple Support

Summary This article provides three methods for deleting or uninstalling applications in MacOS Catalina 10.15, including manually, using provided uninstallers, and using third-party software. The manual method involves understanding the MacOS Catalog system, the provided uninstallers, and the third-party software CleanMyMac. With these steps, users can easily uninstall unwanted applications in their MacOS Catalina 10.15.
How to Delete/Uninstall Application in MacOS Catalina 10.15

Summary Right-click the icon and select Move to Trash or drag the icon right to the trash can. Note: You can also search the app by entering the name in the search box in the upper right corner. If the program has its own uninstaller application, run the uninstaller program to remove your app.
How to Uninstall Apps from macOS Mojave/Catalina

Summary Simply click and hold an app icon until all the apps start to jiggle, then click the app's Delete button (the circled X next to its icon). Note that if an app doesn't have a Delete button, it can't be uninstalled in Launchpad.
How to Uninstall Apps on Your Mac - MacRumors

Summary Drag the app to the trash can on your dock. (If the app is in a folder, open the folder first to see if there’s an Uninstaller tool.) You can also right-click on the icon and select “Move to Trash.”
How to uninstall apps in macOS - The Verge

32-bit applications from your Mac, as they are not compatible with macOS Catalina. ... to prepare your Mac for the macOS Catalina download, you should delete ...
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Some apps don't have a delete button in new macOS Big Sur, which means they can't be deleted in Launchpad. You can use some of the other methods discussed in ...
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Learn all the best ways to uninstall native macOS applications, default utilities, and ... it’s now safe to delete any 32-bit apps since they don’t even ...
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Want to delete apps on Mac? We show you the easiest (and best) ways to uninstall programs ... With macOS Catalina and later, there are plenty of great reasons ...
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Moving it to the Trash is not enough — learn how to delete apps properly. ... a newer macOS, such as Ventura or Monterey, or an earlier macOS, like Catalina ...
How to uninstall apps on Mac (4 easy ways)

It's easy to install apps on your Mac from the internet or a disc, but what if you no longer want an app? That's simple, too: Delete it.
How to delete and uninstall apps on your Mac

Learn the right way of reinstalling macOS Catalina to avoid slowdowns, jaded performance, ... a screen extension with an iPad or the new Apple Podcasts app. ...
How To Correctly Reinstall macOS Catalina