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DateTime is an immutable data structure that can be used to represent a specific date and time, and it contains methods for creating, parsing, interrogating, transforming, and formatting them. 1 It is part of the luxon library 1 , which provides a powerful, modern, and friendly API for working with dates and times. 1

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Summary A DateTime is an immutable data structure representing a specific date and time and accompanying methods. It contains class and instance methods for creating, parsing, interrogating, transforming, and formatting them.
luxon 3.2.1 | Documentation

The most important part of the Luxon library is the DateTime object. It can be considered a wrapper of the native Date object along with a timezone, and a ...
How to Handle Time Zones using DateTime and Luxon - This Dot Labs

⏱ A library for working with dates and times in JS - luxon/ at master · ... In the example above, DateTime.DATETIME_FULL is one of several ...
luxon/ at master · moment/luxon · GitHub

In this tutorial, you'll learn about a new JavaScript library called Luxon which makes it ... local (); 2 let endDate = DateTime . local (). plus ({ minutes : ...
Using Luxon for Date and Time in JavaScript

Luxon is a great new option for working with dates in Javascript from one of the makers ... The Luxon object’s plus method, rather than changing the value ...
Why You Should Choose Luxon for Date Wrangling in Javascript » Rad Devon

Here's a simplified version of what's happening: const { DateTime , Duration , Interval } = require ( "luxon" ) ; let dur = Duration . fromMillis ( 172800000 ) ...
Difference in ISO formatting between Interval.fromDateTimes() in conjunction with DateTime.minus(x) & · Issue #654 · moment/luxon ·

Example: luxon plus DateTime.local().plus(123) //~> in 123 milliseconds DateTime.local().plus({ minutes: 15 }) //~> in 15 minutes DateTime.local().plus({ days: ...
luxon datetime plus duration code example

In the docs, it looks like there is an issue with the function. Shouldn't the comments in the last two examples read //~> in 3 hr, 13 min?
Issue with documentation · Issue #480 · moment/luxon · GitHub

This error comes up seemingly only when a datetime is 23 hours prior to dst switch. The ... ahh sorry for my late response. I am using node v12.14.1 I can try ...{hours:24}) works unexpectedly when dateTime is 23 hours prior to dst switch · Issue #669 · moment/luxon · GitHub