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Streaks is a popular habit tracking app that offers an intuitive design and encourages users to maintain a 12 day streak of a good habit. 1 It has a colorful, minimal interface and supports up to a dozen custom habits, complete with a helpful assortment of icons. 1 It is also super simple and quick to use, while offering enough options for tracking any kind of habit. 2 Additionally, users can connect with friends to track habits together and motivate one another. 1 Finally, Strides offers advanced tools to keep on top of habits and presents progress and projected results visually. 1

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Summary Habitica. ⌄ Scroll down to continue reading article ⌄ Habitica is extremely creative in its approach to tracking and maintaining good habits. Productive Habit Tracker. Productive‘s straightforward yet thoughtfully-designed interface makes watching over your habits simple. It offers an intuitive design so you’ll be able to start planning in seconds. StickK. ⌄ Scroll down to continue reading article ⌄ StickK was developed by behavioral economists at the prestigious Yale University. Streaks. This Apple design award winner, Streaks, is built around encouraging you to maintain a 12 day streak of a good habit, as such it is a great way to stay motivated.
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Summary Streaks is the standout habit tracking app for iPhone users (and the one I use daily). It's super simple and quick to use, while offering enough options for tracking any kind of habit.
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Streaks is available for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Streaks for Apple Watch is the perfect complement with a range of complications that let you quickly see which tasks…
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This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Streaks 4+ The habit-forming to-do list Crunchy Bagel #5 in Health & Fitness 4.8…
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The Streaks app can track good or bad habits and show when you’re most successful. Screenshots: Ian Fuchs/ Cult of Mac . Unlike most to-do apps apps , Streaks can also be used…
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Streaks a simple to use habit tracker which tracks when you've completed tasks which builds up your habit. For the ones who tend to forget, Streaks reminds you every day …
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Streaks makes managing multiple habits at once simple without sacrificing more advanced features. With a colorful, minimal interface, Streaks supports up to a dozen custom habits, complete with...
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Streaks is a simple app that helps you stay on track with good habits while breaking out of your bad ones. The unique visual style of Streaks is eye-catching and…
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Streaks is one of the oldest and most well-known habit tracking apps , and part of its appeal lies in just how straightforward it is to use: You tell the app …
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Streaks app is an easy-to-use habit tracker that tracks when you complete tasks, thereby building your habit. Streaks remind you every day to complete your tasks if you are prone…
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Streakster is the perfect tool to make your goals fun and attainable. Create the lifestyle you want to live, one day at a time. Get streaks , build habits. Set reminders,…
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The app has a community feature that lets you celebrate with others whenever you accomplish a goal. Furthermore, coaches are available in case you need help in accomplishing tasks that…
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