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It is possible to copy an experience from one account to another using the "Save As" method in step 5. This can be done by logging out of Studio and logging back in as the new account, then using the "Publish to Roblox" feature to upload the experience to the new account. 1

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Copy Games . Go to Game you want to steal and copy the asset ID then paste the asset ID in the textbox labled " Game ID". Press " Copy Key" and paste…
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Summary Note: To copy the experience to one of your other accounts, choose the Save As method of step 5. Once the experience is saved, log out of Studio and then log back in as your new account. You can then use Publish to Roblox as to upload to that account
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Copying Using RBLX Tools Open the RBLX Tools using any browser. Find the game you want to copy and get its Game ID. The game ID is the numbers in…
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Step 1. Go to the Roblox page of the game you want to copy. Step 2. Right click on the page, click Inspect, and then it will popup a new…

Get Roblox Tool’s gaming clone. Unzip the acquired file. Launch your Google app. Turn on developer settings. You could accomplish this by sequentially pressing the Ctrl, shift, and J keys…
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saveinstance (), just like the top answer, use dex to copy scripts (not server scripts cuz roblox is like that) He's trying to say that he wants to copy a…
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