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LAZ files can be converted to LAS files using the LASzip tools developed by Martin Isenburg 1 and the Convert LAS tool. 2 To use the LASzip tools, the LASzip.exe file must be saved to the directory where the LAZ files are located. 1 Detailed instructions can be found on the GeoNB website. 1

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Summary LAZ is a compressed light detection and ranging (lidar) data format that is often used to transfer large amounts of lidar data. ArcMap can process LAS files but not LAZ files. To open and use LAZ files in ArcMap, they must first be converted to LAS using the spatial ETL tool .
How To: Open LAZ files in ArcMap

A .laz file is a compressed .las file without the risk of data loss. data in .las files, you can easily use an application, such as CloudCompare, to convert ...
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Summary The Esri Community provides a forum for users to discuss how to convert.LAZ files to.LAS in order to load them into ArcMap. The documentation suggests creating a scene layer package, but this tool has been deprecated. The Convert LAS tool can be used to convert the files into.LAS format.
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Using Global Mapper The licensed Global Mapper Software allows to convert .laz files into .las/.ascii files. For more information:...
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Summary LAZ files are a compressed version of LiDAR data used to transfer it to other applications. To convert LAZ files to LAS files, users must download the LASzip tools developed by Martin Isenburg and save the LASzip.exe file to the directory where the LAZ files are located. More detailed instructions are provided by GeoNB and can be found on the GeoNB website.
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ArcGIS geoprocessing tool that converts LAS format files between different compression ... This tool can convert between LAS, ZLAS, and LAZ formats by ...
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LASzip - a free open source product of rapidlasso GmbH - quickly turns bulky LAS files into compact LAZ files without information loss. Terabytes of LAZ data ...
LASzip - free and lossless LiDAR compression — LASzip 3.4.3 documentation

building footprints). The tool txt2las.exe converts LiDAR from standard ASCII to LAS/LAZ. The corresponding las2txt.exe turns LAS/LAZ into human-readable and ...
LAStools: converting, filtering, viewing, processing, and compressing LIDAR data in LAS format

The easiest way to convert .laz files into .las files is to use a software program called “.lasTools”. The specific application that you need is called ...
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Laz files are basically just compressed versions of .las files. While .laz files are useful for storing and transferring data, in order to work with them in ...
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We show you how to convert your point cloud data into .Las or .Laz files in four easy steps. Don’t worry - it’s pretty easy!
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