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It is possible to convert .bat files to .txt files by right clicking the file and renaming it, changing the .bat extension to .txt. 1 Alternatively, Windows Batch (BAT) files can be ported to Mac OS X shell scripts (SH) by learning the native scripting language, using Wine-powered exe wrappers, or using Apple Script instead of BASH. 2 Finally, the terminal can be used to run the bat file on Mac by changing the permission, specifying the full path, and telling the terminal to look for the particular file. 3

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Summary This post on discusses the process of porting Windows Batch (BAT) to Mac OS X shell scripts (SH). The author is looking for advice on how to do this, such as learning the native scripting language or using Wine-powered exe wrappers. It is also suggested that the author use Apple Script instead of BASH, as Apple Script is more powerful and is more suited to Windows command prompts.
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Summary First, go into the terminal of the file, then enter a command called chmod 755 batch script. It will change the permission. Then specify the full path by typing To tell the terminal to look for a particular file, just type “./” before that filename. After that you can find your bat file
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am un-aware of its sections, i was just wondering if anyone could give my some incite knowledge on how i would convert a windows batch file to work on a mac?
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For Mac: The method we’re gonna use for us Mac users follows the same concept as the way described above for Windows. The goal is to create an executable ...
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So, here we introduce several solutions to convert TIFF to JPG on Mac or Windows PC.
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So why would you want to convert a batch file to an executable if they essentially work ... while the resulting file runs exactly the same as the source BAT ...
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