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A pan-Slavic language is a zonal auxiliary language for communication among the Slavic peoples. 1 Examples of constructed languages include Esperanto 2 , Universalglot 2 , Lingwa de Planeta 2 , and Sambahsa. 2 These languages are based on elements from national dialects and borrow heavily from the most spoken languages in the world. 2

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Summary A pan-Slavic language is a zonal auxiliary language for communication among the Slavic peoples.
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There is a version of Wikipedia in each of the following nine constructed languages. Eight of these languages are ILAs (international auxiliary languages), while Lojban is an engineered language. Until…
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Slovio is a newly- constructed language created by linguist Mark Hučko. It is an international auxiliary language primarily created to help Slavic speakers communicate. The grammar of Slovio is similar to…
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Mark Hucko constructed Slovio in 1999 to make it easy for non-Slavs to acquire the language due to its moderately simple parsing. Slovio borrows from Esperanto and Slavic languages and…
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24.Oktobr, 2010. SLAVIC: simplified-international (400 million speakers) This is the official website for the universal simplified Slavic language Slovio, which is mutually understandable with, compatible with and based on the…
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A list of construced Inter-Slavic and Pan-Slavic language projects over the centuries. Constructed Slavic languages. Constructed Slavic languages. Umětne slovjanske jezyky. Like many other large language families, the Slavic languages…
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The creation of Slovio has stimulated the creation of dozens of Slovio -dialects, copies and slangs. Historical attempts to create a simplified Slavic langauge Scientific paper about planned Slavic languages (in…
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Slovio (from the Slavic word “slovo”) is a constructed language begun in 1999 by Mark Hučko. Interslavic Language Today In March 2006, the Slovianski project was started by a group…
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Slovio is a simplified Slavonic language devised by Mark Hucko ( info@ slovio .com) intended as an international auxiliary language comprehensible to speakers of all Slavonic languages , who number about 400 million.…
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