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Nasal moisturizers can be used to treat dryness inside the nose and help dissolve and soften thick or crusty mucus. 1 In babies and young children, using a nasal moisturizer can make it easier to remove mucus with a nasal bulb syringe. 1

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K-Y works great. It is water soluble and a life saver if you suffer from dry nose . I just apply with a cotton swab and get instant relief. A. K-Y…
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Summary This product is used to treat dryness inside the nose (nasal passages). It helps add moisture inside the nose to dissolve and soften thick or crusty mucus . In babies and young children with stuffy noses who cannot blow their noses, using this product helps to make the mucus easier to remove with a nasal bulb syringe
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Little Remedies Sterile Saline Nasal Mist, Safe for Newborns, 3 oz. 10,037. 10 offers from $4.72. #4. Vicks Sinex SEVERE Nasal Spray, Original Ultra Fine Mist, Decongestant Medicine, Relief From…
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To keep your nose moist so you don't get nosebleeds, apply aloe vera gel to the insides of your nose with a cotton swab. You can also take a steamy…
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Moisture is your friend if you suffer with nasal congestion. Moisture thins mucus and keeps it moving out of your nose and sinuses. And one of the main ways to…
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To protect the moisture on the skin's surface, don't settle for anything less than lotion-infused tissues to blow your nose. That means no toilet paper, no paper towels. Too often,…
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A runny nose happens due to an increase in the production of nasal mucus. While a runny nose can have many causes, it often occurs due to inflammation of the…
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2. Apply a non-petroleum based moisturizer in your nose. Some doctors suggest this and say it works effectively. 3. Use a heated humidifier and full-face mask to prevent your mouth…
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If the nose is severely or persistently dry, see a doctor. It is also a good idea to seek medical attention if a dry nose accompanies symptoms such as pain,…
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