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CodeMirror 6 is a rewrite of the CodeMirror code editor that provides better content analysis and a modern programming interface, with features and performance matching the existing code. 1 It also improves accessibility and touchscreen support. 1 However, it is not API-compatible with the old code. 1

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svelte-repl/CodeMirror.svelte at master · sveltejs/svelte-repl · GitHub

An svelte v3 component for embedding codemirrorjs. Latest version: 1.2.1, last published: 3 years ago. Start using svelte-codemirror in your project by running ...
svelte-codemirror - npm

The Svelte v2 website. Contribute to sveltejs/ development by creating an ... / src / routes / repl / _components / CodeMirror.html at master · sveltejs/ · GitHub

Summary CodeMirror 6 is a rewrite of the CodeMirror code editor. It greatly improves the library's accessibility and touchscreen support, provides better content analysis and a modern programming interface. The new system matches the existing code in features and performance. It is not API-compatible with the old code.
CodeMirror 6

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CodeMirror component • REPL • Svelte

Learn more about svelte-codemirror: package health score, popularity, security, maintenance, versions and more.
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Hi there, I’m hoping for .svelte files (from Svelte framework) to be better supported ... Glitch is using CodeMirror for syntax highlighting and Prettier ...
Svelte Syntax Highlighting & Formatting - Feature Ideas - Glitch Support
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I've found that it's better to use implement this manually using the link below than to use 'svelte-codemirror' on NPM
Svelte CodeMirror
favIcon Latest version: 0.2.6, last published: 2 years ago. Start using @joshnuss/svelte-codemirror in your ...
@joshnuss/svelte-codemirror - npm

codemirror component extracted from svelte-repl. Contribute to FormBucket/svelte-codemirror development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - FormBucket/svelte-codemirror: codemirror component extracted from svelte-repl