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The true story of the cocaine bear is not a triumphant one. It is not as successful as Colombia's cocaine hippos, which were thriving on Pablo Escobar's estate, or Italy's cocaine hogs, which were lauded as heroes for sniffing out and destroying a dealer's stash. 1 2

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Summary No. Unlike Colombia’s cocaine hippos (thriving on Pablo Escobar’s estate, to the degree that local scientists recommended a cull) and Italy’s cocaine hogs (lauded as heroes for having sniffed out and destroyed a dealer’s stash), cocaine bear’s story is not a triumphant one.
The True Story Behind ‘Cocaine Bear’

The true story of the cocaine bear dates back to 1985, when a 150-pound black bear ’s body was found by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, according to the Associated Press.…
The absurdity of ‘Cocaine Bear’ and its message about the War on Drugs

The Cocaine Bear, also known as Pablo Eskobear (sometimes spelled Escobear), was a 175-pound (79-kilogram) American black bear that overdosed on cocaine in 1985. The cocaine had been dropped by…
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His death inspired a story line on FX’s Justified. In Cocaine Bear , he’s played in the film by Matthew Rhys, with Ray Liotta playing his boss. If you google Andrew…
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Yes, ‘ Cocaine Bear ’ Was Real. Here’s the Back Story . Nearly 40 years after a 175-pound black bear found and ingested cocaine in a Georgia forest, the drug binge has inspired…
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The True Story Behind ‘ Cocaine Bear ,’ When A Black Bear Ate 70 Pounds Of Cocaine By Austin Harvey | Edited By Maggie Donahue Published February 19, 2023 In 1985, a…
The True Story Behind ‘Cocaine Bear,’ When A Black Bear Ate 70 Pounds ...

Cocaine Bear , directed by Elizabeth Banks, is loosely based on a true story . Back in September of 1985, convicted drug smuggler Andrew Thornton allegedly dropped around 75 pounds of cocaine …
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