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It is possible to handle both libc++ and libstdc++ in cmake by having libstdc++ as the default linked in stdlib and linking Boost against libc++ with versioning this specific build with --layout=versioned. 1 This will add suffices -clangN-x64 to the Boost library files, where N is the clang version. 1 Additionally, it is possible to use the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS variable to set the compiler flags for libc++.

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I've been using set ( CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "$ {CMAKE_C_FLAGS} -stdlib=libc++") but it seems like there should be a more elegant approach. -tk -----Original Message----- From: CMake < cmake-bounces at >…
[CMake] libc++ usage in CMake with Clang?

The default way of building libc++ , libc++abi and libunwind is to root the CMake invocation at <monorepo>/runtimes. While those projects are under the LLVM umbrella, they are different in nature…
Building libc++ — libc++ documentation - LLVM

It can be used for building custom versions of libc++ with unique symbol names in order to prevent conflicts or ODR issues with other libc++ versions. Warning When providing a…
Building libc++ — libc++ 13.0 documentation

CMake Options ¶. Here are some of the CMake variables that are used often, along with a brief explanation and LLVM-specific notes. For full documentation, check the CMake docs or…
Building libc++ — libc++ 11.0 documentation - LLVM

Libc++ provides a number of configuration macros which can be used to enable or disable extended libc++ behavior, including enabling “debug mode” or thread safety annotations. _LIBCPP_ENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY_ANNOTATIONS: This macro is…
Using libc++ — libc++ documentation - LLVM

This property specifies the C++ standard whose features are requested to build this target. For some compilers, this results in adding a flag such as -std=gnu++11 to the compile line.…
CXX_STANDARD — CMake 3.26.0-rc4 Documentation

实际上完全可以在“clang++ - stdlib = libc++ ”时再手工添加-lc++abi给链接器。 这里涉及到链接时DSO隐式还是显式的问题,早些时候ld在链接库时会自动引入由库引入的依赖动态库,后来因为这个行为的不可控性,所以ld链接器的行为做了修改,需要显式的写明所有需要 ...

工作环境:Windows 10 + Cmake 3.19.2 + VS2017 + PCL1.8.1 PCL1.8.1下载链接 注意:建议将pcl和附带安装的openni安装在默认路径,即C盘中,笔者改变了安装路径,导致后续 Cmake 编译时找不到相关文件路径,增添了不少麻烦 如果需要安装到非C盘,则后面 Cmake 配置时需要自行设置 ...

我一直在尝试在今晚的Ubuntu 12.04LTS 64bit盒子上为LLVM libC++ 3.4创建deb。 ... 是的,我知道根据Debian library packaging guide,我应该将文件包含在*-dev包中,但是对于 cmake 和cpack是新的,我希望逐步达到此目的。 所以,我首先改变所述libcxx

如果NDK开发的应用用到 libc++, .so会被打包到编译出的APK里;用到 libc++ _static.a, .a里被用到的程序会被打到使用者的程序中的。也就是发布应用时,会带着stl一起发布,不依赖Android版本内部的stl。 2.system. 非完全stl,完全stl需使用上面的 libc++ 。
Android NDK中C++ STL_互联网小熊猫的博客-CSDN博客

我想在 CMake 项目中使用 libc++ 和clang on Arch Linux。 我安装了 libc++ 并在CMakeLists.txt中添加了以下行,如“在程序中使用 libc++ ”的Linux部分所述: 我试过在链接器的标志中使用“++abi”,但没有效果。
C++ 链接libc++;在Linux上创建CMake项目_C++_Linux_Cmake_Llvm_Clang++ - 多多扣