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The A record of currently points to an IP address of To point a domain and sub-domain to different IP addresses, the user can try changing the A records and CNAME record to GREY CLOUD (DNS only). 1 2

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When you added your domain to Cloudflare , it should have scanned and copied all of your DNS records from GoDaddy and then you verified them as I mentioned above. Below…
Correct DNS for Cloudflare, but pointing to wrong IP

Summary This topic is about an issue with pointing a domain and sub-domain to different IP addresses. The user created two separate A name records pointing the two URLs to their respective IP addresses, but both are pointing to the same IP address. The user can try changing the A records and CNAME record to GREY CLOUD (DNS only) to fix the issue.
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The IP address that your domain is currently pointed to is 104 .24.112.124 ( DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool) I would like to point my domain to hosting IP.…
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After switching hosting providers or server IP addresses, update the IP addresses in your Cloudflare DNS app. Your new hosting provider will provide the new IP addresses that your DNS…
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Every day, Cloudflare customers use our network to deliver applications to users around the world, secure corporate assets with a Zero Trust model, and streamline WAN architectures. Whether you are…
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Firstly, go to the Cloudflare user dashboard and choose the DNS App 1.1k. Then, check the DNS records to see if the IP address corresponds to the one the hosting…
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Log in to your Cloudflare dashboard , and select your account. Select Magic Transit > Manage Magic Transit configuration > Configure. From the Tunnels tab, select Create. On the Add…
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The Domain Name System (DNS) matches names to resources. Instead of typing 104 .18.26.46 to access the Cloudflare Blog, you type blog. cloudflare .com and, using DNS, the domain name resolves to 104 .18.26.46,…
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When both IPv4 and IPv6 connections are available, Cloudflare prefers IPv4. Domains on Enterprise plans can toggle IPv6 compatibility within the Cloudflare dashboard: Login to your Cloudflare account. Select the…
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