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Client scripts can be used to display messages to end users, such as info and error messages. For example, the GlideDialogWindow function can be used to display a message on load 1 , and the gs.addInfoMessage() function can be used to display informational messages and error messages. 2

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A Client Script is JavaScript code which runs on the client, rather than the server. Well-designed Client Scripts can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete a form…
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Summary This article provides a comprehensive guide to UI info and error message displays to end users as they interact with the various forms in a ServiceNow instance. It explains the various methods that can be used to display information messages, such as client-side messages, server-side messages, and error messages, as well as how to display them from both client-side and server-side scripts. It also provides examples of how to use each method to display informational and error messages, as well as how to use the gs.addInfoMessage() function to display informational messages and error messages.
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GlideAjax client script . Call the asynchronous script include from the client script , and also receive the answer back from the server after processing. function onChange ( control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading)…
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As an IT Org, there will always be situations where you want to broadcast information to your end users, and ServiceNow is a great place to do this. You can…
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getMessage () can be used to display text in different places the platform. Sometimes the translations for the text found inside of getMessage () does not get translated. EXAMPLE: Catalog…
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This date object contains all date objects and there are various functions available to get separate things such as year, date etc. etc. Use ServiceNow Glide System class functions .…
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