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It is possible to style scrollbars with CSS using vendor-prefixed properties and the Shadow DOM. 1 These properties allow for more specific selection of the parts, like when the scrollbar is in different states. 2 The scrollbar-color CSS property sets the color of the scrollbar track and thumb. 3 Examples of custom scrollbars are provided on Tim Van Damme's blog Maxvoltar and on Forrst. 2

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Summary This tutorial provides an overview of how to use CSS to customize scrollbars to support modern browsers, such as Blink and WebKit and Firefox. It explains how to write two sets of CSS rules to cover Blink and WebKit and Firefox browsers, and how to ensure these styles are recognized in most modern browsers. Additionally, it provides an example of how to simulate a scrollbar by hiding the default scrollbar and using JavaScript to detect height and scroll position.
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of a scrollbar: the thumb color and the track color. scrollbar-color is part of the CSS ... to scrollbar-color , developers had no standard way to change the ...
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Summary Custom scrollbars in WebKit browsers can be done using vendor-prefixed CSS properties and the Shadow DOM. These properties allow for more specific selection of the parts, like when the scrollbar is in different states, and can be used to create subtle and nice scrollbars on a simple div with vertically overflowing text. Examples of custom scrollbars are provided, such as on Tim Van Damme's blog Maxvoltar, and on Forrst, which demonstrate how to use these properties to create custom scrollbars.
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Color the browser scrollbar (Edge, Safari, Chrome & Firefox) with a mix of `-webkit` and standardized CSS properties.
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A brief history of styling scrollbars: ... Custom Scrollbars in WebKit Way back in the day, you could customize scrollbars in IE (5.5) with non-standard CSS ...
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CSS CSS preprocessors help make authoring CSS easier. All of them offer things like variables and mixins to provide convenient abstractions.
Custom Scroll Bar for Chrome

CSS scrollbar styling Methods of styling scrollbars' color and width.
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If you use Google Chrome as your go-to browser, you might have looked into customization ... How to Change Chrome's Scrollbar Color With Custom Scrollbars
How to Customize the Scrollbar in Google Chrome With Custom Scrollbars