cant resolve fs when its nott imported nextjs


The module 'fs' is not available in the browser, and trying to import it can lead to errors such as "Can't resolve 'fs'". To solve this issue, it is necessary to use a module that is available in the browser, such as the filesystem module. 1 This module can be used to access the filesystem in the browser, and can be used as an alternative to the 'fs' module.

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locate-path requires fs within it's code. When I attempt to run my app I get the ... ] ./node_modules/locate-path/index.js Module not found: Can't resolve ...
Module not found: Can't resolve 'fs' · Issue #7755 · vercel/next.js · GitHub

cwtuanon Oct 30, 2022. Don't use fs in the pages directory, since next.js suppose that files in pages directory are running in browser environment. You could put the util file…
Beginner - Next JS. 'fs' module not found issue. - GitHub

on Sep 19, 2020 Looking at the package, it looks like that it is intended to be used in a Node.js environment/server side (where fs should be available), but your…
error Module not found: Can't resolve 'fs' #17211 - GitHub

Summary : Can't resolve 'fs' error and similar issues most likely occur when you try to import a module that is available on the server-side, but that is not available in the browser. The filesystem module is a prime example of this.
How To Solve Module Not Found Can’t Resolve ‘fs’ in Next.js

Anyone else get the ‘ can’t resolve fs ’ error when trying to import Knex? I’ve googled it a lot and no avail just yet. I’m using knex in a react project…
Anyone else get the ‘can’t resolve fs’ error when trying to import Knex ...

Today when i was working on next js project and i faced this module not found can t resolve fs next js. If we're building a Next .js application that uses…
Next.js Webpack Module Not Found Error (Solved) - CodeCheef

I believe this has been resolved. Some feedback:- I don’t think the VS Code IDE extension was able to detect that this was a nextjs app, therefore the @newrelic/next library…
Hub Topic: [Node] Simple Next.js app, can't resolve 'fs'