can you take strawberry flavored milk with your doctors prescribed medication to coat your stomach


Yes, it is possible to take strawberry flavored milk with your doctor's prescribed medication to coat your stomach. According to 1 , liquid medications are good for adults and are often flavored to mask the taste of the medication. Additionally, 2 states that tablets and capsules should be taken with water, while sublingual and buccal medications are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream through the lining of the mouth. Finally, 3 suggests maintaining a healthy weight, stopping smoking, and elevating the head of the bed to reduce the frequency of acid reflux.

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Summary Do not chew this form of oxycodone or take it with food or milk. You can take the liquid and capsule forms with food, unless your doctor or pharmacist advises otherwise.
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With antibiotics in the tetracycline class (including doxycycline and minocycline, which are prescribed to treat bacterial pneumonia and other infections) and ciprofloxacin (from the quinolone class, also prescribed for pneumonia…
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Not unless it is a chewable formulation. Many medication labels warn that you should not crush or chew a tablet. In particular, time- or extended-release tablets should never be chewed.…
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If you don't experience relief within a few weeks, your doctor might recommend prescription medication and additional testing. Nonprescription medications Options include: Antacids that neutralize stomach acid. Antacids containing calcium…
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Crackers, rice, bread, peanut butter, and other neutral foods do a good job coating your stomach and prompting digestion, which helps your body to metabolize your medication efficiently. Time your …
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Medicines and the Digestive System Medicines taken by mouth can affect the digestive system in a number of different ways. Both prescription and over-the-counter medicines, while usually safe and effective,…
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Protectants that coat the ulcer and protect it against acid and enzymes, enhancing healing (like sucralfate) Bismuth (may help protect the lining and kill the bacteria). Rarely, surgery may be…
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The reason comes down to this — medicine only works if taken properly — and young patients are more likely to take the full recommended dose with less objections when …
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Answer From Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. Yes. Grapefruit and certain other citrus fruits, such as Seville oranges, can interfere with several kinds of prescription medications. Don't take these interactions lightly.…
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Ask your pharmacist to add a special flavor such as bubblegum, strawberry , banana, or grape to your child's prescription or non- prescription medicine. Flavoring is an inexpensive way to improve your …
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