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Optometrists can prescribe controlled medications for eye conditions, depending on the state legislation. Some optometrists can also perform minor surgeries, such as foreign body removal, laser eye surgery, and certain additional surgical interventions. 1 Optometrists have a defined scope of practice that revolves largely around the eyes and they can prescribe medication, although not all the same medications that a family doctor can. 2

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Summary The short answer is yes, optometrists can prescribe medication. However, optometrists have a very defined scope of practice that – surprise, surprise – revolves largely around the eyes. Optometrists can not prescribe all the same medications that your family doctor can.
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Optometrists can 't perform eye surgery but can prescribe medications and treat eye diseases. They can detect common eye abnormalities and diseases that can lead to permanent vision loss...
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Can Optometrists Write Prescriptions? Yes, optometrists can write prescriptions. In Georgia, optometrists can prescribe Class II to Class V medications for the treatment of eye diseases. However, you should understand…
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Optometrists can prescribe controlled medications for eye conditions. Depending on the state legislation, some optometrists can also perform minor surgeries. These surgical procedures may...
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Although an optometrist can diagnose cataracts and prescribe eyeglasses to help with symptoms, specialist surgery from an ophthalmologist may be necessary. An optometrist will also provide...
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As experienced and trained professionals, optometrists are qualified to diagnose your situation and prescribe some medication. However, if your symptoms indicate any kind of eye disease or chronic eye infection,…
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Optometrists can detect systemic diseases, provide vaccinations and prescribe medications. The links to the right lead to maps showing a comparison of all states and territories for the following three…
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