can i move information from my lastpass authenticator to google authenticator


It is possible to transfer all your 2FA login information from one app to another without getting locked out of your accounts. 1 This guide provides instructions on how to switch from Google Authenticator to another 2FA app. 1 The process is relatively straightforward and can be done without any technical knowledge. 1 Additionally, there are more feature-rich alternatives available for those who want more options. 1

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Summary There's nothing wrong with Google Authenticator—but other options are available. There's nothing wrong with Google Authenticator, but more feature-rich alternatives are available, which is where this guide comes in. The good news is that it's possible to transfer all your 2FA login information to another app without getting locked out of your accounts along the way.
How to Switch From Google Authenticator to Another 2FA App

Posting here even though this is old in case this helps anyone else in the future. If you log onto LastPass in your browser, you can open the Developer Tools…
How to Export Data from Lastpass Authenticator? : r/Lastpass - reddit

Use Google Authenticator to sign into Reddit as you normally would Turn off two-factor authentication temporarily Screenshot: David Murphy Turn it back on, and set it up with Authy instead…
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In the Google Authenticator app, tap Get Started. At the bottom, tap Import existing accounts? On your old phone, create a QR code: In the Authenticator app, tap More Transfer …
Get verification codes with Google Authenticator

There is a process to move the LastPass Authenticator to a new device if you do not have access to the old device: If your phone number has changed or…
Moving LastPass Authenticator to a new phone - LogMeIn

LastPass Authenticator is separate from the LastPass password manager app, though it offers some synergy with the password manager. Installing LastPass Authenticator is a snap, and if you...
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When ready, click ‘Save’. Return to the LastPass screen showing the Google Authenticator set-up and click “Update.” You will once again need to enter your LastPass password. Finish Setup Now…
LastPass - Authy

Install and open the Google Authenticator app, then tap Begin setup and Scan barcode. Use the new device to scan the barcode, then enter the code on the screen, and …
How to move your two-factor authentication app to a new device

Import passwords into the Microsoft Authenticator app. Microsoft Authenticator supports importing passwords from Google, Firefox, Apple iCloud, 1Password, Dashlane, NordPass, LastPass, Bitwarden, and RoboForm. Tip: You can also import your …
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Google Authenticator operates in the same way. It can generate a special QR that you can user to transfer your 2FA codes to Google Authenticator on a new phone, but…
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The authenticator app is still working just fine on my old iPhone but I have to turn that in soon, so can 't keep using that indefinitely. Surely there's some way…
How do I transfer Authenticator app settings from my old iphone to new ...