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Calamares is a free and open-source system installer for Linux distributions, used by Manjaro, KaOS, Maui, Netrunner, CachyOS, Garuda Linux, KDE neon, Lubuntu, Sabayon Linux, Chakra, EndeavourOS, Peppermint OS, Artix Linux, OpenMandriva Lx, and the Live medium of Debian. 1 2 It is independent and distro-agnostic, and the Calamares team works closely with Linux distributors to provide the best experience to their users. 1

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Summary Calamares is not an installer for any specific Linux distribution. It is used by Manjaro and KaOS and Maui and Netrunner Linux, but it isn’t “the Manjaro installer”. Calamares is an independent product. The Calamares team works closely with Linux distributors to provide the very best experience to their users.
About - Calamares

Summary Calamares is a free and open-source independent and distro-agnostic system installer for Linux distributions . Calamares is used by CachyOS , Garuda Linux , Manjaro , Netrunner , KaOS , KDE neon , Lubuntu , Sabayon Linux , Chakra , EndeavourOS , Peppermint OS , Artix Linux , OpenMandriva Lx , the Live medium of Debian , and several
Calamares (software) - Wikipedia

Calamares aims to be easy, usable, beautiful, pragmatic, inclusive and ... to be easy, usable & beautiful while remaining independent of any particular Linux ...
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Put Calamares on the Arch Linux iso and keep as close as possible to the original Arch Linux iso.
ALCI | Arch Linux Calamares Installer

A screen-shot walk-through of the latest Calamares (Manjaro 16.06) and Ubiquity (Linux Mint 18 Beta) installers.
Hands-on with Ubiquity and Calamares: Two Linux installers side-by-side | ZDNET

Calamares is our installer and it is a super tool to install any linux distributions with a graphical interface.
Calamares is a graphical installer for Linux – start learning in our Calamares series | ArcoLinux

Distribution-independent installer framework. Contribute to calamares/calamares ... using Calamares as a framework / application for installing a Linux ...
Home · calamares/calamares Wiki · GitHub

Stopping and starting Calamares Help the Calamares team – send them a logfile
The Calamares Series – everything you need to know about Calamares | ArcoLinux

Version 3.2 of the Calamares universal Linux distribution installer framework is now available as their latest big feature release that has been in development ...
Calamares 3.2 Linux Installer Framework Released - Phoronix

Now, Debian 10 installation is possible from Live ISOs with Calamares installer. ... Everything is very intuitive if you are even little familiar with Linux ...
Debian’s NEW installer | Average Linux User