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Any person or organization can become a storage provider by running a ‘miner,’ i.e. any internet-connected computer with spare disk space, or a dedicated system with lots of storage built specifically for Filecoin. Protocol Labs offers resources such as quarterly meetings, bootcamp videos, accelerators, and events to help Storage Providers succeed. Additionally, they provide solutions such as Seagate Systems Leasing, Accelerating Performance with state-of-the-art hardware, and CoinList, to make it easier for Storage Providers to access Filecoin and scale operations. Storage providers earn Filecoin by storing data for clients, and computing cryptographic proofs to verify storage across time. 1 2 3

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Summary Storage providers earn Filecoin by storing data for clients, and computing cryptographic proofs to verify storage across time. The probability of earning the block reward and transaction fees is proportional to the amount of storage the provider contributes to the Filecoin network, and not hashing power.
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The Filecoin network has multiple types of providers: Storage providers: responsible for storing files and data on the network. Retrieval providers: (under development) will be responsible for providing quick pipes…
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Last month the Filecoin Storage Provider Mentorship Grants Program kicked off as a way to help qualified grantees become Storage Providers (SPs) or nascent SPs to scale their current operations. …
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The Filecoin Plus storage provider registry is a collection of geographically diverse storage providers that are willing to accept low-cost or free storage deals from users. The more storage providers …
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1-10 GBPS. 10-50 GBPS. 50-100 GBPS. 100+ GBPS. How much storage capacity are you looking to onboard into the Filecoin network?*. Protocol Labs is committed to protecting and respecting your…
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At present, the only method of participating in the Filecoin ecosystem is to establish a high-cost computing system to serve as a Storage Provider (SP), also known as a miner.
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“If you look at the decentralized storage market and Filecoin , for example, there's a barrier to becoming a storage provider because you have to be vetted by the filecoin team,…
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