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Bash programs can accept data from the command line using positional parameters, which range from $0 to $9. 1 It is also possible to use argument variables, the getopts function, and the symlink function to read command-line arguments. 2 For example, the getopts function can be used to read formatted data from the command line. 2

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Summary Bash uses a tool called positional parameters to provide a means of entering data into a Bash program when it is invoked from the command line. There are ten positional parameters that run from $0 through $9 , although there are ways to hack around that limit.
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Summary This tutorial provides an overview of how to handle command-line arguments, including using argument variables, the getopts function, and the symlink function. It explains how to use both argument variables and the symlink function to read normal arguments and arguments, respectively. It also provides examples of how to use the getopts function to read formatted data from the command line.
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Bash scripts are commonly used to perform a variety of tasks. These examples describe various ways you can work with command line arguments.
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bash scripts uses positional parameters to process command line arguments in a bash shell script, to get process status, exit status and options an ...
Bash Positional Parameters, Arguments