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Carriage returns are incompatible with Linux systems and can cause problems when processing files from Windows. To remove them, several methods can be used, such as dos2unix, sed, and vi. 1 These methods can reduce file lengths and improve parse code. 1 The sed command can also be used to remove Windows-specific carriage returns from script files such as bash files. 2

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Summary Carriage returns have been used in text files on Windows, but never used on Linux systems. This incompatibility can cause problems when processing files from Windows, but there are several ways to remove carriage return characters from text files. These methods include dos2unix, sed, and vi, and can be used to reduce file lengths and improve parse code.
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Summary Once the file is on Linux, the sed command can remove the Windows-specific carriage returns. This is useful for script files such as bash files, that may have been created on a Windows OS first.
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