at mit do i have to get a degree under a specific school or can i just major in multiple things under multiple schools


At MIT, you can major in multiple things under multiple schools. All first-year students begin MIT undeclared, and they can choose to major in any subject offered by the university, regardless of the school it belongs to. 1 This allows students to explore different fields and create a unique academic experience tailored to their interests and goals.

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Summary When you apply to MIT, you apply to the entire university, not to a specific major or school, so all first-year students begin MIT undeclared.
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Aeronautics and Astronautics 16. Biological Engineering 20. Chemical Engineering 10. Civil and Environmental Engineering 1. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6. Materials Science and Engineering 3. Mechanical Engineering 2. Medical…
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All undergraduate students enter MIT undeclared and students are not admitted directly to MIT Sloan. Therefore, please visit the Admissions Office home page to apply to MIT. All MIT undergraduates …
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Transfer students must complete at least two terms at MIT , including at least one in a department with a declared major . To receive a double major , you must complete the…
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Procedure. To apply for a HASS minor, meet with the minor advisor from the relevant program of study and get them to sign your HASS Minor Application Form. (Applications are…
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Your focus area can be tailored to your specific interests, either within chemistry or another discipline. While we offer some suggestions below, you are not limited to those options. You…
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