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Metafields can be used to store additional information about Shopify resources such as products and collections, allowing merchants to customize their pages and personalize their experience. 1 This data can be displayed on individual pages, giving merchants more control over their content. 1 Metafields can also be used to create custom fields for products, collections, and other resources. This allows merchants to add more information to their resources and create a more personalized experience for their customers.

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Summary Metafields represent data that are associated with specific resources and can be displayed on individual pages. By adding and storing additional information about Shopify resources like products and collections, merchants can expand on the core fields available and unlock a new range of personalization.
How to work with Metafields when building Shopify themes

Install a Metafields app from the Shopfiy App Store.; Create a new metafield. For the namespace, enter instructions, for the key enter wash, and for the value enter Cold water.;…
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Edit your theme code only if you have coding experience. If you need help with editing your theme code, then you can hire a Shopify expert from the Shopify Experts…
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You can add metafields to Pages, Blogs, and Articles, but for some reason, they've not added those options to the Metafields settings in Shopify. Makes NO sense. If you just…
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A customer's metafield data can be accessed in several ways: Directly in the Shopify admin using metafield definitions Via Shopify 's Admin APIs On the storefront or customer-facing emails using Liquid …
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One query, I am using shopify metafields to add a PDF file on each product. The idea is that this file can be downloaded, as the metafield does not appear…
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Liquid objects represent variables that you can use to build your theme.
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Shopify liquid access to article object from handle. I would like to display the title of blog posts but the only thing that renders me is ulr addresses. This is…
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In Shopify , a market is a group of one or more regions of the world that a merchant is targeting for sales. Merchants have one primary market, and any number…
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Adding metafield definitions to add fields for your specialized information to pages in your Shopify admin Adding metafield values to parts of your store, such as products or variants Optional:…
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