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You can reduce the call volume on HomePod Mini by using the controls on top of the device 1 , or by turning off automatic Siri volume. 2 You can also adjust the HomeKit security settings in the Home app on an iOS or iPadOS device 3 , or turn on VoiceOver. 3 Additionally, you can try restarting HomePod 3 or resetting the Wi-Fi connection. 4

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Summary HomePod automatically adjusts Siri's response volume based on the level of noise in the room, your distance from HomePod, and how loudly you're speaking to Siri. You can turn automatic volume on or off by saying, "Hey Siri, turn on automatic Siri volume," or "Hey Siri, turn off automatic Siri volume."
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Summary Use the controls on top of HomePod to change the speakerphone volume.
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Summary The Home app on an iOS or iPadOS device can be used to change HomePod settings, such as assigning HomePod to a different room, changing the default account for music and podcasts, reducing the bass, allowing access to Personal Requests, disabling "Hey Siri" requests, activating Siri using HomePod touch controls, disabling indicator light when Siri is listening, changing Siri's language or voice on HomePod, viewing network information, allowing speaker access, turning on VoiceOver, using HomePod with a doorbell, disabling explicit content, turning off listening history, turning on sound check, turning on automatic HomePod software updates, restarting HomePod, and adjusting the HomeKit security.
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Learn how to use your iPhone or iPad to set up your Homepod or HomePod mini. ... If you still need help, contact Apple Support .
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The HomePod and the HomePod mini are designed to automatically adjust the volume of the Siri assistant based on the level of noise in the room, but you can also…
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All you have to do is ask Siri to do it for you. Furthermore, you can adjust Siri's volume to any percent you want. Here's how to change Siri's volume …
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HomePod mini also works with your Apple devices for features like Intercom, letting you quickly communicate by voice. Pick up an incoming call from your iPhone, kick back with your…
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Apple offers two smart speakers available: The second generation HomePod — a powerful, Siri-enabled smart speaker —that’s 6.6-inch tall with a high-excursion woofer,five horn-loaded tweeters ...
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