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AMD processors have additional protection from malicious software known as Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP). 1 This protection works by setting aside portions of memory as "data only". 1 The NX bit (no-execute) is a technology used in CPUs to segregate areas of memory for use by either storage of processor instructions or for storage of data. 2 This feature is increasingly used in conventional von Neumann architecture processors for security reasons. 2

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Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) / Execute Disable (XD) bit is a feature that prevents execution of malicious code in program data memory. The feature works only when it is supported…
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Although AMD and Intel both like to spin their newest NX /XD " Virus Protection " as a new feature on x86 technology, in reality NX behaves more like an emergency patch for…
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• Enhanced Virus Protection – No Execute ( NX ) bit in page-translation tables specifies whether code can be executed from the page • HyperTransport™ Technology to I/O Devices – One 16- bit …
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Summary Short for enhanced virus protection , EVP is additional protection found in AMD processors that helps protect a computer from malicious software. It does so by setting aside portions of memory as "data only." Data in this region of memory cannot be executed as instructions to the CPU
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AMD ’s implementation is called NX , short for No Execute. When enabled, the processor prevents the execution of code in data-only memory pages. This provides some protection against buffer overflow attacks.…
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The obvious question is – how much time will it take for Windows to fully support the feature, after new CPUs are released. Looking back at the NX - bit (introduced by…
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The AMD Vulnerability Disclosure Policy covers AMD APUs, CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and software. We encourage well-researched reports that focus on real world potentially exploitable issues, include a PoC (proof of…
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The NX Technology BIOS feature is actually a toggle for the processor’s No Execute feature. In fact, the acronym NX is short for No Execute and is specific to AMD’s …
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Understanding Execute Disable Bit . Execute Disable Bit , a feature designed to stop buffer overflow attacks against the operating system. Buffer overflow attacks are one of the most common tactics used…
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AMD has just introduced the 15W Ryzen 5000 C-Series “Zen 3” processors for premium Chrome OS devices designed for work and collaboration. The processors can with up to eight cores…
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