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There are several alternatives to Spring Framework, such as Spark 1 , Vaadin 1 , Grails 1 , Apache Flink 1 , Spring MVC 2 , Spring Boot 2 , Play 2 , Java EE 2 , and Django. 2 These solutions have been voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Spring Framework by reviewers.

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Summary We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Spring Framework, including Spark, Vaadin, Grails, and Apache Flink.
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Alternative spring breaks allow students to travel, meet new people, and feel the satisfaction that comes from working to improve communities — and lives.
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In this blog, our expert discusses common Spring Boot alternatives, including Quarkus, Micronaut, Node.js, Django, Vert.x, and more.
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Summary Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Play, Java EE, and Django are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Spring Framework.
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Being a Spring project Boot benefits of all Spring's PRO still being much much ... What is the best alternative to Spring-boot?
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Alternative spring breaks are a great way to volunteer and have a fun vacation. Consider doing short term volunteer projects for college students.
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Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is a highly immersive week of service projects, leadership-building and relationship-building for college students looking for ...
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In this article, we will be considering alternatives to the Spring Boot framework for creating and building microservices in Java and Kotlin.
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Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is an entirely student-run service organization established in 1992 to conduct service projects during spring break for ...
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Spring, Django, JBoss, Spring MVC, and Play are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Spring Boot. "Java" is the primary reason why developers ...
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