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AI is being used to power a new generation of search engines, such as NeevaAI, which leverages cutting edge language models and an independent search stack to create a unique and transformative search experience. 1 This has sparked a battle between Microsoft and Google for web users, with AI chatbots playing a major role in the competition. 2

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Summary NeevaAI is leading a new frontier of AI search that leverages cutting edge LLMs and an independent search stack to create a unique and transformative search experience. We’ve been providing glimpses into our AI work on social . And now NeevaAI is available to anyone in the U.S. with other markets to follow very soon.
Introducing NeevaAI - Neeva

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#NeevaAI + Bias Buster = Instant Answers from both sides of the political spectrum, specific to US news queries. With the simple news slider, you can learn from and read…
Neeva on Twitter: "#NeevaAI + Bias Buster = Instant Answers from both ...

neevaai Transportation South African car subscription service Planet42 raises $100M equity, debt Tage Kene-Okafor 1:05 AM PST • February 22, 2023 Planet42, a South Africa-based car subscription...
As ChatGPT hype hits fever pitch, Neeva launches its generative AI ...

Learn more about @ Neeva ’s multi-perspective, authoritative, and personalizable AI at our blog linked below ⤵️. 24 Feb 2023 17:29:41
Neeva on Twitter: "Learn more about @Neeva’s multi-perspective ...

Neeva launches AI -powered search engine service internationally by Kyt Dotson As ChatGPT continues to sweep the world, Neeva Inc., an ad-free subscription-based search engine that will...
Neeva launches AI-powered search engine service internationally

Neeva is now beta testing NeevaAI, a feature that works a lot like ChatGPT — delivering conversational, text-based responses to queries — but without those shortcomings. “NeevaAI shows a synthesized…
Ad-free Neeva search engine to launch ChatGPT-like AI feature

LONDON, (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Advert and tracker-free search engine Neeva has today launched NeevaAI in Europe, which harnesses the power of artificial intelligence ( AI ) to deliver an experience...
Neeva Brings Responsible, Citation-Backed AI Powered Search to Europe ...