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You can upgrade the RAM in your Mac by popping open the access panel, removing the existing RAM modules, adding new modules, and then replacing the panel. 1 2 This should take less than five minutes. 3 After the new RAM is installed, your Mac should boot up as normal. 3 For best performance, you can add two 4 GB memory modules for a maximum of 8 GB of memory. 1

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Summary You can add two 4 GB memory modules for a maximum of 8 GB of memory. For best performance, fill both memory slots and install an identical memory module in each slot.
MacBook Pro: How to remove or install memory - Apple Support

Summary This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade RAM memory on various Mac models, such as the MacBook Pro or MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. It explains how to remove the bottom case and remove the RAM module, as well as how to check the RAM's performance. It also provides tips on how to upgrade RAM on Windows and Linux computers, as well as how to install new RAM on a Mac.
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Summary All you have to do is pop open the access panel, remove the existing RAM modules, add your new modules, and then replace the panel. The whole thing should take less than five minutes. And when you’ve installed the new RAM, your Mac should boot up as normal.
Can You Upgrade the RAM in Your Mac?

This will be something like MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) . This page shows how much memory you have installed, as well.
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One of the easiest ways to upgrade your 2012-or-earlier MacBook is by adding more RAM. ... Now playing: Watch this: Upgrade RAM on your MacBook Pro
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In System Information on your Mac, see details about available memory slots and how to ... slots—such as some models of Mac mini, iMac, or Mac Pro—System ...
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Learn how to perform a MacBook memory upgrade. Our guide will take you through each step ... As you see in the screenshot above, my MacBook Pro doesn’t have ...
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OWC has the most complete lineup of MacBook Pro RAM upgrades, including the fastest and ... The good news is that you can add up to 2GB of memory, which is ...
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Touch Bar MacBook Pro (2016-2020) processor and memory (RAM) options and more. To be notified of new Q&As, sign up for's bimonthly email list .
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and show you how to upgrade RAM in the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro and various MacBooks ... You'll also be able to see if the memory is upgradable - in the case of ...
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Does your Mac memory need a boost? Learn how to upgrade RAM on any model of Mac computer, ... to add RAM on a range of Mac products. If you need a MacBook Pro ...
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Use Activity Monitor on your Mac to see if memory is being used efficiently and if you ... To learn how to add more RAM to your Mac, choose Apple menu > About ...
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