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Iron (transferrin) % saturation is usually greater than 60% in hereditary hemochromatosis, as indicated by serum iron levels usually being > 150 μg/dL. 1 Transferrin saturation (TSAT) is the preferred screening test for hemochromatosis and is used to detect iron overload. 2 A serum iron test measures the amount of iron in the blood and can indicate low or too much iron. 3 To reduce the risk of complications from hemochromatosis, iron supplements and multivitamins containing iron should be avoided, as well as vitamin C supplements, as they increase iron absorption. 4

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Summary Transferrin saturation (TSA) is a laboratory test used to diagnose haemochromatosis (HBO) and other conditions that cause iron overload. It is important to note that TSAT has limitations due to its diurnal variability, malignant conditions, malnutrition, and racial genetic variations of human transferrin. TSAT is the preferred screening test for HBO, and is used to detect iron overload in the absence of other causes of iron overload.
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Summary A serum iron test measures how much iron is in the blood, and it is done by having blood drawn from a vein. The test results can indicate either low or too much iron, and abnormal results may be a sign of anemia, liver tissue death, inflammation of the liver, or frequent blood transfusions. Pregnancy risks associated with having blood taken include excessive bleeding, fainting, multiple punctures, hemoatoma, and infection.
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Transferrin saturation (TS), measured as a percentage, is a medical laboratory value. It is the value of serum iron divided by the total iron -binding capacity [1] of the available transferrin,…
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The amount of blood removed and how often it's removed depend on your age, your overall health and the severity of iron overload. Initial treatment schedule. In the beginning, you…
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Iron Saturation. Iron saturation has been known to vary from time to time, and one should know when the range is sufficient of not. When you have low iron saturation, …
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In hereditary hemochromatosis, serum iron is usually > 150 μg/dL and iron (transferrin) saturation is greater than 60 %. In advanced iron overload states, the percent saturation is often greater than…
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