16 awg stranded wire current rating


16 AWG copper wires are suitable for up to 18 amps in standard circuits with insulation and terminations rated for 90°C, according to Table 310.16 of the NEC. 1 Continuous loads used with this size should not exceed 8 amps. 1 The wire size chart, amp capacity chart, and a list of all the common AWG wire sizes can be found in the article. 2

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Summary This article provides an overview of AWG gauge wires, including their diameter, cross-section, and amperage characteristics. It consists of two big chapters, one covering the wire gauge chart, and one covering the most common questions about AWG wire sizes. The article also provides a wire size chart, amp capacity chart, and a list of all the common AWG wire sizes, as well as a link to a free AWG wire size chart.
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