Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Neeva?

We are the world’s only ad-free, private search engine. Although there are other private search engines, they are still ad-supported products. We believe that being completely ads-free and customer-focused allows us to create a superior search product while simultaneously giving you the privacy you deserve.

Why do I have to pay to use Neeva?

This allows Neeva to create a truly customer-first and ad-free experience that puts your needs first, not that of advertisers.

What does being a Neeva early adopter mean?

Being a Neeva early adopter means two things — you get free access to Neeva for the next 3 months. After the first 3 months, you pay a reduced monthly price of $4.95/month. We also would love to hear your feedback about the product!

You can submit feedback once you are in Neeva via the Feedback button in the left navigation menu, or by emailing us at Your thoughts on how we can improve the product feeds directly into the roadmap of what we build.

Will I have to pay to use Neeva?

Your usage of Neeva will be free for your first 3 months. If you sign-up now, you become a Neeva early adopter, which means you pay a reduced monthly price of $4.95/month after your free first 3 months.

Is Neeva a search engine or a browser?

Neeva is a search engine that has an iOS browser app and browser extension. Our browser extension is compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari. Both our mobile app and browser extensions prevent trackers from following you.

Does Neeva have a mobile app?

You can download our iOS app from the Apple App Store. We are currently working on an Android app.

You can also set Neeva as the default browser on your phone. Please see this help center article for detailed instructions.

What data does Neeva collect on me?

If you connect Neeva to an external data source such as G Suite, Office 365, or Dropbox, we will process data we get from that external source, which may include personal information like email, documents, contacts & calendar. This information is used to show you and only you personal results when you search in Neeva.

When you use Neeva, we associate a limited amount of information about you with your account to make the product better for you. This information is automatically deleted after 90 days by default. This information will never be sold to anyone or used for the purpose of selling you products. You can see the list of things we associate with your account in our privacy policy.

What personal accounts can I connect to Neeva?

We currently support Google, Office 365, Dropbox, Slack, Github and Jira accounts, but we plan to support more integrations in the future. When you are in Neeva, you can click on Apps in the left navigation menu to add your accounts.

Is the data I connect to Neeva secure?

All of the data you connect and generate through your usage of Neeva including your search history is encrypted at rest, on our servers, and in transit (i.e. if data is being transmitted through our network or on the internet). We only show you what you have access to. We don't show anything that is yours to anyone else. We keep your data secure by maintaining strict security standards and continuously testing our systems for vulnerabilities.