Searching for Travel Just Got Easier and Much More Visual!

The Neeva Team on 10/24/22
Introducing a richer, full page experience for travel queries.

Searching for your next big trip should fuel excitement, unlock new adventures and make travel come alive. Unfortunately, current searches mostly return stale aggregated lists, repetitive places and unhelpful spam ads.

At Neeva, we think it’s time for that to change and we’ve been hard at work developing a travel experience that reflects the way we travel and share our trips today.

A look at the current state of play for travel search with Google, DuckDuckGo, and Brave you find SEO lists, few, photos, and ads that too often dominate the top results. Unfortunately, these search engines can’t fix the experience, or they won’t, because their business model incentivizes users to click on ads to make money. Or they don’t have the right partnerships or lack the sufficient index to serve up better results.

Neeva is different. Because we don’t ever show ads, we can focus entirely on what the user wants and try to create a better travel searching experience for users without any compromise for advertisers. Moreover, because we have invested in building our own full search stack – crawl, indexing, and serving, we can deliver a better product.

Our users said the most important aspects of a travel search experience were engaging images and browse-ability. So we’ve been working to create a richer, more visual, and truer travel search experience.

To pull it off, we needed to have data to generate the required results. We partnered with Tripadvisor to use their collection of global properties data to power our travel searching experience. This partnership is enabling us to bring destinations, visuals & real opinions to the forefront!

We are excited to share this new experience with all of our users. For us, this is just the beginning and we are looking forward to continuing to make it even better. Try a search today!