Reading Reddit posts on Neeva just got easier (ft. Neeva AI)

The Neeva Team on 11/21/22
Introducing Reddit Summarization, a new feature built around making Reddit posts easier to read and saving users time.

Introducing Reddit Summarization, a new feature built around making Reddit posts easier to read and saving users time.

It’s no secret that today’s search page has become littered with ads and SEO spam that make it harder to figure out what results are quality and genuine. Because of this, search users have begun to explicitly request Reddit results by appending “reddit” to the end of their search queries. Our user research found that Reddit posts were generally considered to be a quality source of information because of the diverse opinions on the platform.

However, popular Reddit posts often have thousands of comments with threads that vary in levels of toxicity and relevancy to the main post. These discussions can be hard to follow and digest due to the sheer size and content.

At Neeva, we wanted to try exploring a novel way of saving the user time and headache when interacting with a Reddit post. We wanted to focus on a new summarized experience for Reddit posts.

We believe that by applying the power of large language models onto popular Reddit posts, we can enhance our current Reddit experience by providing an easier-to-digest version of the post for users who want a quick rundown. We recognize that sometimes, users just want to read the discussion as-is, so we’ve made it easy to see the full discussion as well.

So we’d like to introduce everyone to our novel Reddit Summarization experience, powered by Neeva AI.

Neeva AI is Neeva’s custom tuned AI that helps read a Reddit post and tell you the summarized version of it. Neeva AI is fine-tuned on Reddit TLDR and additional proprietary summarization data sets through an encode-decoder models.

As for what kind of a summary Neeva AI generates, we decided to have its summaries focus on the top 5 commenters of a post (determined on metrics like sum of comment upvotes for author, length, etc). From an internal evaluation, we found that pivoting by author best maintained the diverse opinions that users found valuable to Reddit, while also keeping the summaries relevant to the main post and answering the user’s query.

As mentioned before, Reddit Summarization with Neeva AI is a brand new ambitious and exploratory attempt to create a better searching experience. We understand that it is by no means perfect right now and will have improvements to be made. We want to emphasize that our plan is to continue iterating and exploring ways to make the summarization experience even better than what it is today.

Try it here we hope you’ll let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more from Neeva and Neeva AI!