Neeva Makes Progress in Reimagining Search

Sridhar Ramaswamy on 03/08/21

We founded Neeva to reinvent search.

Search engines have done more than anything else to expand the internet and make online research, commerce, and connections possible. Much of my career has been spent expanding the usefulness of search.

The Neeva team is excited to announce that three technology pioneers are joining our team and that we've raised an additional $40 million Series B funding round to accelerate our work. With this funding, we can continue to make great strides towards building an ad-free, private search engine focused on you -- the customer.

Yet with every passing month, there is increasing awareness and escalating concern around data privacy, tracking, and ads in the core services we use in our daily lives.

That’s why we’re focused on bringing a new way of thinking to the search experience by focusing on you: the customer. Since launching Neeva, our mission has been greeted with enthusiasm and encouragement. Today, we are excited to announce three technology pioneers are joining our team and that we’ve raised an additional $40 million Series B funding round to accelerate our work.

Industry Leading Talent & Board Members

First, I am delighted to welcome search guru Udi Manber, consumer services expert Margo Georgiadis, and web browser expert Darin Fisher to Neeva. I (and many others at Neeva) have worked closely with Udi, Margo and Darin for many years, and are delighted to work with them again toward delivering on Neeva's mission.

Udi Manber is one of the most influential computer scientists behind the evolution of search. He has solved some of the deepest technical challenges in search over the last 20 years, and will be instrumental in Neeva’s work on advancing our own search capabilities.

We’re also delighted to welcome Margo Georgiadis, who most recently was President and CEO of Ancestry to Neeva’s Board. Margo has had a multi-decade career building and scaling innovative global consumer services as CEO of Mattel, President of Americas at Google, EVP of Card Products at Discover, and a Partner at McKinsey. An invaluable addition to our esteemed group of board members, including Asheem Chandna, Greylock, Reid Hoffman, Greylock, and Bill Coughran, Sequoia Capital, Margo’s perspective and counsel will be instrumental as we grow and ready our search engine for the market. I am also excited to welcome Patrick Pichette from Inovia as an observer to the Neeva board.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that Darin Fisher will be joining our team. Darin joins us from the Google Chrome team, where he spent over 15 years building Chrome into the product it is today. Darin will help us redefine the interaction between the browser and search engine to better serve the end customer - our users.

$40 Million in Additional Funding

Second, I’m happy to share that we have raised a new $40 million funding round, led by our original investors, Sequoia Capital and Greylock, with Inovia Capital participating. Greylock and Sequoia have been strong advocates of ours from the beginning, driven by their belief in companies that are focused on building incredibly useful services that users can trust. Patrick Pichette’s experience at Google as its CFO, and his prior experience as Bell Canada’s CFO, make him a valuable addition to the Neeva family.

With this funding, Neeva will be able to invest more in the foundational infrastructure needed to make search much better in commercial verticals, which are often crowded with advertisements. We will also be expanding into non-US markets in the quarters to come.

We’re continuing to build a search engine that puts you first, and are making great strides towards that vision every day. We’re excited for what’s ahead and for you to experience the magic of ad-free, private search for yourself. Please sign up to be on our waitlist at!